Programming Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Nodejs, Android, Java, Visual Basic .NET.

Frameworks: AngularJS, Symfony, Android SDK.

Databases: MySql, MongoDB, Sqlite.

Operating Systems: Windows, Debian GNU/Linux.

Other skills & reviews: lodash, undescore, jquery, bootstrap, lumx, polymer, meteor, ionic, express, jade, prestashop, wordpress, moodle, and lot of things more...


CRM/ERP Fullstack Developer

Engineered and developed turnkey projects.

Frontend AngularJS... Backend Laravel.

Fullstack Web Developer

Built custom projects in close contact with customers.

Frameworks: Wordpress, Symfony, Moodle, Prestashop.

About Me

Hi, my name is Claudio. I'm working as a web developer. In a work context, there is only one thing I like more that my job. Learn ways to make it even better.


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